Sunday, 29 November 2015

Thank you!

Saturday was our last day in Montmeló and it was free. Most of us visited Barcelona and went to shopping there! At the evening we ate a meal in Hostel Serra and slept there the last night. At sunday morning 6.00 AM we left back to Finland and were Joutsa about 17.45 PM.

This week was so awesome, and now we have so much experience to share! Im sure that everybody's language skills has improved and they have learned social skills too!

Thank you! Gracias! Danke! Kiitos! Grazie!


It was our last school day. At the 8.00 we had our third mindfulness session.
After mindfulness we had art therapy workshop. We did our own schulpture which consisted of our emotions and feelings on the trip. All students made a very great job and they vere so active.

After coffee break we had the last workshop called Las Casitas. We bild our own "hause"  and then we went to visit to other people and talked with them. We said something nice to them. Some people were very active and went to talk with many people. This activity was very fun.

When school started, it was time to eat together. We ate many kind of spanish traditional food. After this Finnish people had english test and we did it in City Hall.

In the evening we went to Barcelona, shopping center La Maquinista. There was beatiful because Christmas is coming and all the christmas lights were shining.

When we were back to Montmeló, we went to party. We danced and played games.


We left to Barcelona at 8.00 AM. At first we went to meet one artist. After that we went to shopping to the center of Barcelona. After that we went to see church Sagrada familia.

In the evening we went back to the shopping center, La Maquinista with our hosmates.


At morning we went to school and watched a full presetation about emotions in advertising and how big companies use them.

In the evening we visited Circuit de Catalunya there we took a lot of group pictures.


We went to school and started with mindfulness, then we had makeup done for us before salsa workshop where we learned basics of salsa.
Our evening we spent at local place, Tiki, where young people spend their time playing gsmes and talking. After that we went back to our host mates, and went to sleep right away.

Monday, 23 November 2015


At morning we went to city hall at 8.00 AM and we were there about one hour. Then we went to shool where we had the first Erasmus+ meeting. There we introduced our self and school.

Later at the same afternoon we went back to school to our host-mates' class. First they had Spanish and then maths.

After school most of us went to the bowling to a small town near Montmeló.

Time to go!


We left from Joutsa 1.00 AM. The bus trip felt very fast and soon we were in the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. Clock was around 3.45 AM and we sat waiting until clock became 6.00 AM. Every one of us was very tired. 

In plain we sat randomly, however some of us got the place next to other Finnish student. Flight took 4 hours. We were in Barcelona at 9.00 local time. 

We arrived to Montmelo at 11.00 and our host families were waiting for us on the train station of Montmeló. At the evening we spend some time together with our host-families and some of us went to eat to restaurant name Tropicia. Later most of us were playing basketball.